Partnership with children’s author has Alabama roots

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Born and raised in Mountain Brook, author, Allen Johnson, Jr. is well known by children and their parents growing up around Birmingham in the 90’s for his well-loved book series, Picker McClikker.

In an article in the Huffington Post, Johnson says, “I lived a life filled with adventure, travel and success, but my life peaked at nine.” In his book, Fun, a memoir and books of poems and essays, he often reflects on the unfettered joy of growing up under the “benign neglect” of his parents.

Drawing on his childhood memories, Johnson has written a series of three books, collectively known as the Blackwater Novels, which are reminiscent of Mark Twains’ works about boyhood in the 1930’s. While these books are targeted at fourth and fifth graders, they provide opportunities for parents and grandparents to share their childhood adventures with their children and grandchildren when read together.

Through a partnership with Reach Out and Read-Alabama, Johnson has graciously donated 100 of the Moonbeam Award-Winning second book in the Blackwater Novel series, The Dead House.

We are grateful for the donation and look forward to distributing Allen Johnson, Jr.'s book throughout the state this summer to program sites participating in our Rx for Summer Reading Campaign. While the program focuses on children from birth through five years of age, it is always beneficial to have an inventory of books to share with older siblings.